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A bad man, but a good companion. Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "Loki Laufeyjarson" journal:

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December 25th, 2011
02:34 pm


[ bjarkan | Loki was fortunate in his deceit ] BACKDATED TO CHRISTMAS EVE
[Phone, unfiltered]
[When Loki speaks, it's a growl.]

No one touches the false Thor. He who does will answer to me.


[Loki's wrapped up in a makeshift fur cloak and is headed for Thor's as fast as his feet can carry him. He'd be skating, but there's too much ice on the roads. (He maaaay have discovered firsthand how bad an idea that was.) He's determined not to let anyone bring Thor back, and woe to anyone who gets in his way.]

[ACTION | 1124 Taylor Rd | open to anyone at Thor's house]

[Loki doesn't bother knocking. He pushes the front door open and strides into the living room, looking for that fake Thor, grimly determined.]

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December 24th, 2011
05:37 pm


[ tyr | you only need one hand to hold a sword; another is superfluous ]

[Loki doesn't quite know where the feeling came from, but something has left him with the sense that something that had been holding him back is gone. What is there, really, to stop him from doing whatever he wants? He's free.

Who can match his powers? Who can stop him? No one.

There's the troubling matter, of course, about the scars on his face. He's not sure where those came from. But that's the only dark spot on the otherwise glorious day today is going to be.

That's right, Loki's forgotten Thor, and with him, both a huge part of his grudge against the Aesir and the fear that's kept him in check for centuries. He's in a fantastic mood, but don't let that fool you -- he's become a creature guided entirely by selfish impulses. Talk to him at your own risk.

You could find him in any number of places. He might be climbing the tallest tree in Mayfield. He might be standing in front of a fire that's several times larger than it should be, considering the amount of fuel that's burning. He might be stealing whatever's left from one of Mayfield's stores. Hell, if you're a complete stranger, he might be breaking into your house. It's up to you -- but he's doing it all with a grin.

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December 13th, 2011
11:36 am


[ sol | there's a wolf, you know, that chases the sun, and one day soon will eat her ]

Heh heh heh. Looks like winter's finally here. The snow was one thing, but I was waiting for the real cold to come.

[He doesn't like it, but he can take it. You can't whine about the chill all the way through Jotunheim with Thor as your traveling-companion.]

Now, none of you have any cause to worry. After all, I am Loki. There's none better at stoking fires. For a little food and some drink, I will come to you and leave you with a fire that'll burn hot and burn merrily through the night.

...and if there are any women in particular need of warming, never let it be said that Loki's heart is cold to someone in need. Like I said, I'll tend to any fires that need...stoking.

[Can you hear that wolfish grin?]

((ACTION: Around Mayfield, and at the homes of Loki's CR))

[There's a great big gray wolf running around Mayfield. What? Their winter coats are awesome. Anyway, it's running between Loki's home and the used car dealership. If you catch it on the way back, it's dragging a bundle of folded-up tarps through the snow.

If you happen to be among those Loki considers a friend (Jormungandr, Gamzee, Hiccup, Crowley, or Dakki, for example) or just someone he wants to check up on (like Thor or Baldr) or you live with/are staying with one of these people, you will find a gray Norwegian wolf pawing at your front door. Scratch, scratch, scratch go the claws. Come on, open up, he's not taking this thing off outside!

((ACTION: 508 Ricardo Street))

[Loki's raided his own garage for a hammer and nails, and is busily nailing heavy canvas tarps over the windows. He'll also be tucking cloth into the edges of the window-frame, as well as around the door. Gotta keep as much heat in this house as possible. It'll be pretty dark in the Laufeyjarson household, but hey, that's what that awesome fire in the fireplace is for. Right?

Come on, family members, help him out here.

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November 17th, 2011
11:43 pm


[ yr | in a dark forest ]
Warning for Norse mythology. specifically: blood/gore/deathCollapse )]

((Action, the streets of Mayfield))

[There's a woman with long, red hair in the street. She might be sitting down, clutching at her mouth, or she might be lying on her back, convulsing. She may be crawling away on all fours as fast as she can scrabble, shoes catching on her dirtied skirts, or she could even be curled tightly in a fetal position, hands wrapped around her lower stomach.

However, there's also a chance you catch Loki in a moment of relative lucidity. He is at least aware of his surroundings, altered as they are, not trapped in a full hallucination, aware that his body is currently female rather than fully immersed in a hallucinogenic memory of the past. However, he will not recognize you. When he looks at you, his eyes are wild with a combination of fear and hatred, calculating whether he should bolt or kill you with his bare hands. If he doesn't run, he will growl something to the effect of, "Stop laughing!" at you.

Near him, but not too near, is a tall, gangly young man. When Loki moves, Jormungandr follows at a safe distance, a silent shadow ensuring that Loki does not hurt himself or anyone else. Of the pair, Jormungandr may be the better person to talk to.

((ooc: This is a joint post! The first thread is locked to Jormungandr, but any subsequent replies will be responded to by both him and Loki. Totaly willing to address any questions/confusion ooc, so don't hesitate to ask. Thanks!))

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November 3rd, 2011
08:07 pm


[Loki opens his door and looks at the small package with some trepidation. He'd be lying if he said he hadn't been expecting something like this, but he's not sure whether to open it or not. On the one hand, it could be something great, like his fire powers and his shapeshiting skins. On the other, it could be something like Vartari. He picks it up and shakes it.

Sounds like there's nothing inside. Something intangible, then, he decides. Most likely an ability.

...even if it wasn't, his curiosity would have gotten the better of him. Loki opens the box -

--and suddenly his clothes don't fit quite right.

Oh. Oh, no. No, Mayfield, no, anything but THIS. He'd just started to win some real respect from Thor. If Thor finds out, that is all over. Desperately, Loki shuts his eyes (long-lashed and beautiful) and tries to shape-shift back.

Nope. No such luck. He regained a female body, but no powers to change it.


[Members of Loki's household will find the door to the master bedroom shut and locked tight.]


[Who's that lovely lady with the copper-red curls? She seems irritable in her fifties dress, and looks a little unsteady in her shoes. Whatever could be wrong?]

((ACTION | L'Déplaisant))

[There's a new waitress waiting to take your order, smiling cheerfully.]

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October 30th, 2011
09:48 pm


[ eiwaz | all he wants is to abduct you a little ]
[Action || Around Mayfield, all day Sunday ]

[Loki was fairly surprised to find himself popping out from a coffin, dressed in unfamiliar clothes, with an urge to find (and menace?) people he knew. He's not sure why, but he can't walk except with his arms straight out in front of him, or with his cape over his face. After experimenting with this by walking around the graveyard a little, he decides that the latter is less undignified, and he sets off for home.

However, it won't be that easy, because if he sees somebody he knows, likes, or who just looks interesting, he'll turn around and follow them. Why? He's not sure. He just wants to. And Loki does what he wants.

He has no idea what the significance of all this is, but figures it'll be over soon.

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October 29th, 2011
01:32 am


[ jera | harvesting skins like the opportunist he is ]

Is this all they can throw at us? The slime was good, I'll admit. I thought I was going to suffocate for a moment there. But these monsters have no bite. They're big, but they're slow. It's almost disappointing.


[What's that horrible smell? It's that unique noxious gas you get when you burn synthetic materials. Luckily, it's outside in the park, so with any luck, the wind will sweep it away soon. There are two dead ants; one has been burned/melted rather thoroughly. The other has been disabled with far more precision. Loki is busily engaged in cutting away the hairy cosmetic layer from the mechanical interior.

He's skinning a giant ant, and whistling merrily while he does it.

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September 21st, 2011
06:47 pm


[ isa | fire won't work on everything ]
[Wednesday morning, early. Loki's been awake for a while, having taken the last watch to guard Thor's home. He's already raided the fridge -- when Thor wakes up, he'll find less food and beer in his larder than when he went to sleep -- and feels ready to face the world. Kill some zombies, loot some stores -- he could profit from this chaos if he wasn't careless.

So he's out and about by eight o'clock. As Loki has grown complacent in his abilities, he has no fire surrounding any part of him except his hands. Of course, if he's attacked by more than one or two zombies, he'll throw up his barriers in a heartbeat, but for now, he's skating down Main Street, looking almost normal.

Where to steal from first?

[OOC: This is open to everyone, but the thread with Crowley is closed until I specify others can jump in. He'll need help amputating his arm, so anyone with enough zombie knowhow to point out that it's possible to contain the infection is more than welcome to jump into that thread.]

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September 12th, 2011
12:14 am


[ nauðr | needs a favor... ]
(( PHONE - filtered to Hiccup ))

Hiccup. Hiccup. Pick up the phone, boy.

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August 24th, 2011
05:45 pm


[ haglaz | when it rains, it pours ]
warning for goreCollapse )

((A: Action ; anywhere in town ; finding a hospital is difficult when you can't ask for directions))

There is a man wandering around downtown Mayfield. The second thing you'll notice about him, if you can get past the first thing, is that he seems to be searching for something. But that's only if you can think past the shock of the state of the man's face. His lips have been messily pierced with something, and there's a thick brown thread laced through the holes, effectively sewing his mouth shut tight.

The drones don't seem to notice. Loki doesn't seem to care. He's fixed single-mindedly on his goal, whatever it is he is searching for.

((B: Action ; Mayfield Hospital ; open to doctors/anyone with a reason to be in the clinic))

There is a man sitting impatiently in the waiting room with stitches in his face. Not medical stitches, no -- these aren't nearly so clean or professional. His lips are sewn roughly together with leather thread, and he's got blood on his shirt from where it's dripped off of his chin. It's a grisly sight.

He probably won't be too talkative, but you can certainly talk to him. Or stare. That works, too.

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